Domain Disentangled Generative Adversarial Network for Zero-Shot Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval

by   Rui Xu, et al.

Sketch-based 3D shape retrieval is a challenging task due to the large domain discrepancy between sketches and 3D shapes. Since existing methods are trained and evaluated on the same categories, they cannot effectively recognize the categories that have not been used during training. In this paper, we propose a novel domain disentangled generative adversarial network (DD-GAN) for zero-shot sketch-based 3D retrieval, which can retrieve the unseen categories that are not accessed during training. Specifically, we first generate domain-invariant features and domain-specific features by disentangling the learned features of sketches and 3D shapes, where the domain-invariant features are used to align with the corresponding word embeddings. Then, we develop a generative adversarial network that combines the domainspecific features of the seen categories with the aligned domain-invariant features to synthesize samples, where the synthesized samples of the unseen categories are generated by using the corresponding word embeddings. Finally, we use the synthesized samples of the unseen categories combined with the real samples of the seen categories to train the network for retrieval, so that the unseen categories can be recognized. In order to reduce the domain shift between the synthesized domain and the real domain, we adopt the transductive setting to reduce the gap between the distributions of the synthesized unseen categories and real unseen categories. Extensive experiments on the SHREC'13 and SHREC'14 datasets show that our method significantly improves the retrieval performance of the unseen categories.


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