Domain-specific Language Pre-training for Dialogue Comprehension on Clinical Inquiry-Answering Conversations

by   Zhengyuan Liu, et al.

There is growing interest in the automated extraction of relevant information from clinical dialogues. However, it is difficult to collect and construct large annotated resources for clinical dialogue tasks. Recent developments in natural language processing suggest that large-scale pre-trained language backbones could be leveraged for such machine comprehension and information extraction tasks. Yet, due to the gap between pre-training and downstream clinical domains, it remains challenging to exploit the generic backbones for domain-specific applications. Therefore, in this work, we propose a domain-specific language pre-training, to improve performance on downstream tasks like dialogue comprehension. Aside from the common token-level masking pre-training method, according to the nature of human conversations and interactive flow of multi-topic inquiry-answering dialogues, we further propose sample generation strategies with speaker and utterance manipulation. The conversational pre-training guides the language backbone to reconstruct the utterances coherently based on the remaining context, thus bridging the gap between general and specific domains. Experiments are conducted on a clinical conversation dataset for symptom checking, where nurses inquire and discuss symptom information with patients. We empirically show that the neural model with our proposed approach brings improvement in the dialogue comprehension task, and can achieve favorable results in the low resource training scenario.


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