DuDoTrans: Dual-Domain Transformer Provides More Attention for Sinogram Restoration in Sparse-View CT Reconstruction

by   Ce Wang, et al.

While Computed Tomography (CT) reconstruction from X-ray sinograms is necessary for clinical diagnosis, iodine radiation in the imaging process induces irreversible injury, thereby driving researchers to study sparse-view CT reconstruction, that is, recovering a high-quality CT image from a sparse set of sinogram views. Iterative models are proposed to alleviate the appeared artifacts in sparse-view CT images, but the computation cost is too expensive. Then deep-learning-based methods have gained prevalence due to the excellent performances and lower computation. However, these methods ignore the mismatch between the CNN's local feature extraction capability and the sinogram's global characteristics. To overcome the problem, we propose Dual-Domain Transformer (DuDoTrans) to simultaneously restore informative sinograms via the long-range dependency modeling capability of Transformer and reconstruct CT image with both the enhanced and raw sinograms. With such a novel design, reconstruction performance on the NIH-AAPM dataset and COVID-19 dataset experimentally confirms the effectiveness and generalizability of DuDoTrans with fewer involved parameters. Extensive experiments also demonstrate its robustness with different noise-level scenarios for sparse-view CT reconstruction. The code and models are publicly available at https://github.com/DuDoTrans/CODE


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