ElasticViT: Conflict-aware Supernet Training for Deploying Fast Vision Transformer on Diverse Mobile Devices

by   Chen Tang, et al.

Neural Architecture Search (NAS) has shown promising performance in the automatic design of vision transformers (ViT) exceeding 1G FLOPs. However, designing lightweight and low-latency ViT models for diverse mobile devices remains a big challenge. In this work, we propose ElasticViT, a two-stage NAS approach that trains a high-quality ViT supernet over a very large search space that supports a wide range of mobile devices, and then searches an optimal sub-network (subnet) for direct deployment. However, prior supernet training methods that rely on uniform sampling suffer from the gradient conflict issue: the sampled subnets can have vastly different model sizes (e.g., 50M vs. 2G FLOPs), leading to different optimization directions and inferior performance. To address this challenge, we propose two novel sampling techniques: complexity-aware sampling and performance-aware sampling. Complexity-aware sampling limits the FLOPs difference among the subnets sampled across adjacent training steps, while covering different-sized subnets in the search space. Performance-aware sampling further selects subnets that have good accuracy, which can reduce gradient conflicts and improve supernet quality. Our discovered models, ElasticViT models, achieve top-1 accuracy from 67.2 80.0 outperforming all prior CNNs and ViTs in terms of accuracy and latency. Our tiny and small models are also the first ViT models that surpass state-of-the-art CNNs with significantly lower latency on mobile devices. For instance, ElasticViT-S1 runs 2.62x faster than EfficientNet-B0 with 0.1 accuracy.


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