End-to-End Relation Extraction using Markov Logic Networks

by   Sachin Pawar, et al.

The task of end-to-end relation extraction consists of two sub-tasks: i) identifying entity mentions along with their types and ii) recognizing semantic relations among the entity mention pairs. with their types and recognizing semantic relations among the entity mentions, are two very important problems in Information Extraction. It has been shown that for better performance, it is necessary to address these two sub-tasks jointly. We propose an approach for simultaneous extraction of entity mentions and relations in a sentence, by using inference in Markov Logic Networks (MLN). We learn three different classifiers : i) local entity classifier, ii) local relation classifier and iii) "pipeline" relation classifier which uses predictions of the local entity classifier. Predictions of these classifiers may be inconsistent with each other. We represent these predictions along with some domain knowledge using weighted first-order logic rules in an MLN and perform joint inference over the MLN to obtain a global output with minimum inconsistencies. Experiments on the ACE (Automatic Content Extraction) 2004 dataset demonstrate that our approach of joint extraction using MLNs outperforms the baselines of individual classifiers. Our end-to-end relation extraction performance is better than 2 out of 3 previous results reported on the ACE 2004 dataset.


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