Evaluating Accuracy and Efficiency of HPC Solvers for Sparse Linear Systems with Applications to PDEs

by   Antonella Galizia, et al.

Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) describe several problems relevant to many fields of applied sciences, and their discrete counterparts typically involve the solution of sparse linear systems. In this context, we focus on the analysis of the computational aspects related to the solution of large and sparse linear systems with HPC solvers, by considering the performances of direct and iterative solvers in terms of computational efficiency, scalability, and numerical accuracy. Our aim is to identify the main criteria to support application-domain specialists in the selection of the most suitable solvers, according to the application requirements and available resources. To this end, we discuss how the numerical solver is affected by the regular/irregular discretisation of the input domain, the discretisation of the input PDE with piecewise linear or polynomial basis functions, which generally result in a higher/lower sparsity of the coefficient matrix, and the choice of different initial conditions, which are associated with linear systems with multiple right-hand side terms. Finally, our analysis is independent of the characteristics of the underlying computational architectures, and provides a methodological approach that can be applied to different classes of PDEs or with approximation problems.


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