Evolutionary Game for Hybrid Uplink NOMA with Truncated Channel Inversion Power Control

by   Jinho Choi, et al.

In this paper, we consider hybrid uplink nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) that can support more users by exploiting the notion of power-domain NOMA. In hybrid uplink NOMA, we do not consider centralized power control as a base station (BS) needs instantaneous channel state information (CSI) of all users which leads to a high signaling overhead. Rather, each user is allowed to perform power control under fading in accordance with a truncated channel inversion power control policy. Due to the lack of coordination of centralized power control, users in the same resource block compete for access. To analyze users' behavior, evolutionary game can be considered so that each user can choose transmission strategies to maximize payoff in hybrid uplink NOMA with power control. Evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) is characterized with fixed costs as well as costs that depend on channel realizations, and it is also shown that hybrid uplink NOMA can provide a higher throughput than orthogonal multiple access (OMA). To update the state in evolutionary game for hybrid uplink NOMA, the replicator dynamic equation is considered with two possible implementation methods.


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