FALCON 2.0: An Entity and Relation Linking Tool over Wikidata

by   Ahmad Sakor, et al.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and frameworks have significantly contributed with solutions to the problems of extracting entities and relations and linking them to the related knowledge graphs. Albeit effective, the majority of existing tools are available for only one knowledge graph. In this paper, we present Falcon 2.0, a rule-based tool capable of accurately mapping entities and relations in short texts to resources in both DBpedia and Wikidata following the same approach in both cases. The input of Falcon 2.0 is a short natural language text in the English language. Falcon 2.0 resorts to fundamental principles of the English morphology (e.g., N-Gram tiling and N-Gram splitting) and background knowledge of labels alignments obtained from studied knowledge graph to return as an output; the resulting entity and relation resources are either in the DBpedia or Wikidata knowledge graphs. We have empirically studied the impact using only Wikidata on Falcon 2.0, and observed it is knowledge graph agnostic, i.e., Falcon 2.0 performance and behavior are not affected by the knowledge graph used as background knowledge. Falcon 2.0 is public and can be reused by the community. Additionally, Falcon 2.0 and its background knowledge bases are available as resources at https://labs.tib.eu/falcon/falcon2/.


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