FashionLOGO: Prompting Multimodal Large Language Models for Fashion Logo Embeddings

by   Yulin Su, et al.

Logo embedding plays a crucial role in various e-commerce applications by facilitating image retrieval or recognition, such as intellectual property protection and product search. However, current methods treat logo embedding as a purely visual problem, which may limit their performance in real-world scenarios. A notable issue is that the textual knowledge embedded in logo images has not been adequately explored. Therefore, we propose a novel approach that leverages textual knowledge as an auxiliary to improve the robustness of logo embedding. The emerging Multimodal Large Language Models (MLLMs) have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in both visual and textual understanding and could become valuable visual assistants in understanding logo images. Inspired by this observation, our proposed method, FashionLOGO, aims to utilize MLLMs to enhance fashion logo embedding. We explore how MLLMs can improve logo embedding by prompting them to generate explicit textual knowledge through three types of prompts, including image OCR, brief captions, and detailed descriptions prompts, in a zero-shot setting. We adopt a cross-attention transformer to enable image embedding queries to learn supplementary knowledge from textual embeddings automatically. To reduce computational costs, we only use the image embedding model in the inference stage, similar to traditional inference pipelines. Our extensive experiments on three real-world datasets demonstrate that FashionLOGO learns generalized and robust logo embeddings, achieving state-of-the-art performance in all benchmark datasets. Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive ablation studies to demonstrate the performance improvements resulting from the introduction of MLLMs.


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