Fast Blind Audio Copy-Move Detection and Localization Using Local Feature Tensors in Noise

by   Dong Yang, et al.

The increasing availability of audio editing software altering digital audios and their ease of use allows create forgeries at low cost. A copy-move forgery (CMF) is one of easiest and popular audio forgeries, which created by copying and pasting audio segments within the same audio, and potentially post-processing it. Three main approaches to audio copy-move detection exist nowadays: samples/frames comparison, acoustic features coherence searching and dynamic time warping. But these approaches will suffer from computational complexity and/or sensitive to noise and post-processing. In this paper, we propose a new local feature tensors-based copy-move detection algorithm that can be applied to transformed duplicates detection and localization problem to a special locality sensitive hash like procedure. The experimental results with massive online real-time audios datasets reveal that the proposed technique effectively determines and locating copy-move forgeries even on a forged speech segment are as short as fractional second. This method is also computational efficient and robust against the audios processed with severe nonlinear transformation, such as resampling, filtering, jsittering, compression and cropping, even contaminated with background noise and music. Hence, the proposed technique provides an efficient and reliable way of copy-move forgery detection that increases the credibility of audio in practical forensics applications


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