Feature Pyramid Attention based Residual Neural Network for Environmental Sound Classification

by   Liguang Zhou, et al.

Environmental sound classification (ESC) is a challenging problem due to the unstructured spatial-temporal relations that exist in the sound signals. Recently, many studies have focused on abstracting features from convolutional neural networks while the learning of semantically relevant frames of sound signals has been overlooked. To this end, we present an end-to-end framework, namely feature pyramid attention network (FPAM), focusing on abstracting the semantically relevant features for ESC. We first extract the feature maps of the preprocessed spectrogram of the sound waveform by a backbone network. Then, to build multi-scale hierarchical features of sound spectrograms, we construct a feature pyramid representation of the sound spectrograms by aggregating the feature maps from multi-scale layers, where the temporal frames and spatial locations of semantically relevant frames are localized by FPAM. Specifically, the multiple features are first processed by a dimension alignment module. Afterward, the pyramid spatial attention module (PSA) is attached to localize the important frequency regions spatially with a spatial attention module (SAM). Last, the processed feature maps are refined by a pyramid channel attention (PCA) to localize the important temporal frames. To justify the effectiveness of the proposed FPAM, visualization of attention maps on the spectrograms has been presented. The visualization results show that FPAM can focus more on the semantic relevant regions while neglecting the noises. The effectiveness of the proposed methods is validated on two widely used ESC datasets: the ESC-50 and ESC-10 datasets. The experimental results show that the FPAM yields comparable performance to state-of-the-art methods. A substantial performance increase has been achieved by FPAM compared with the baseline methods.


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