Few-shot Continual Learning: a Brain-inspired Approach

by   Liyuan Wang, et al.

It is an important yet challenging setting to continually learn new tasks from a few examples. Although numerous efforts have been devoted to either continual learning or few-shot learning, little work has considered this new setting of few-shot continual learning (FSCL), which needs to minimize the catastrophic forgetting to the old tasks and gradually improve the ability of few-shot generalization. In this paper, we provide a first systematic study on FSCL and present an effective solution with deep neural networks. Our solution is based on the observation that continual learning of a task sequence inevitably interferes few-shot generalization, which makes it highly nontrivial to extend few-shot learning strategies to continual learning scenarios. We draw inspirations from the robust brain system and develop a method that (1) interdependently updates a pair of fast / slow weights for continual learning and few-shot learning to disentangle their divergent objectives, inspired by the biological model of meta-plasticity and fast / slow synapse; and (2) applies a brain-inspired two-step consolidation strategy to learn a task sequence without forgetting in the fast weights while improve generalization without overfitting in the slow weights. Extensive results on various benchmarks show that our method achieves a better performance than joint training of all the tasks ever seen. The ability of few-shot generalization is also substantially improved from incoming tasks and examples.


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