Finding the global semantic representation in GAN through Frechet Mean

by   Jaewoong Choi, et al.

The ideally disentangled latent space in GAN involves the global representation of latent space using semantic attribute coordinates. In other words, in this disentangled space, there exists the global semantic basis as a vector space where each basis component describes one attribute of generated images. In this paper, we propose an unsupervised method for finding this global semantic basis in the intermediate latent space in GANs. This semantic basis represents sample-independent meaningful perturbations that change the same semantic attribute of an image on the entire latent space. The proposed global basis, called Fréchet basis, is derived by introducing Fréchet mean to the local semantic perturbations in a latent space. Fréchet basis is discovered in two stages. First, the global semantic subspace is discovered by the Fréchet mean in the Grassmannian manifold of the local semantic subspaces. Second, Fréchet basis is found by optimizing a basis of the semantic subspace via the Fréchet mean in the Special Orthogonal Group. Experimental results demonstrate that Fréchet basis provides better semantic factorization and robustness compared to the previous methods. Moreover, we suggest the basis refinement scheme for the previous methods. The quantitative experiments show that the refined basis achieves better semantic factorization while generating the same semantic subspace as the previous method.


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