Framework for Managing Cybercrime Risks in Nigerian Universities

by   Bukhari Badamasi, et al.

Universities in developing countries, including those in Nigeria, experience cybercrime risks due to poor management of their cyber spaces and resources. The outcome of these cybercrimes are threats and breaches of universities' cyber security. The threats and breaches have resulted in substantial financial, social, and intellectual property losses. In the recent past, Nigerian universities have started to respond to these cyber-attacks. Many of them now invest in anti-cybercrime tools and programs to mitigate cyber security threats and breaches. Despite this, the number of times Nigerian universities suffer from cyber-attacks and the losses that result from them keeps increasing. Our observation, however, indicates that most Nigerian universities run their cyber security without using scientifically derived frameworks that spell out how to manage threats and breaches that emanate from within and outside them. We consider this a problem to ongoing efforts made by Nigerian universities to mitigate cyber security threats and breaches. The study reported in this paper was therefore, carried out to explicate how Nigerian universities can develop actionable frameworks that can help them to mitigate cyber security threats and breaches. The study is based on literature review and propose how an actionable framework that Nigerian Universities can adopt to setoff cybersecurity programs can be developed. The process comprises of problem identification, description of objectives, designing and developing the artefact, testing, and evaluating the artefact, and communicating the result. We conclude that the framework provides a lucrative starting point for Nigerian universities to setoff efficient and effective cyber security program.


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