From Global to Local: Multi-scale Out-of-distribution Detection

by   Ji Zhang, et al.

Out-of-distribution (OOD) detection aims to detect "unknown" data whose labels have not been seen during the in-distribution (ID) training process. Recent progress in representation learning gives rise to distance-based OOD detection that recognizes inputs as ID/OOD according to their relative distances to the training data of ID classes. Previous approaches calculate pairwise distances relying only on global image representations, which can be sub-optimal as the inevitable background clutter and intra-class variation may drive image-level representations from the same ID class far apart in a given representation space. In this work, we overcome this challenge by proposing Multi-scale OOD DEtection (MODE), a first framework leveraging both global visual information and local region details of images to maximally benefit OOD detection. Specifically, we first find that existing models pretrained by off-the-shelf cross-entropy or contrastive losses are incompetent to capture valuable local representations for MODE, due to the scale-discrepancy between the ID training and OOD detection processes. To mitigate this issue and encourage locally discriminative representations in ID training, we propose Attention-based Local PropAgation (ALPA), a trainable objective that exploits a cross-attention mechanism to align and highlight the local regions of the target objects for pairwise examples. During test-time OOD detection, a Cross-Scale Decision (CSD) function is further devised on the most discriminative multi-scale representations to distinguish ID/OOD data more faithfully. We demonstrate the effectiveness and flexibility of MODE on several benchmarks – on average, MODE outperforms the previous state-of-the-art by up to 19.24


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