GAME-ON: Graph Attention Network based Multimodal Fusion for Fake News Detection

by   Mudit Dhawan, et al.

Social media in present times has a significant and growing influence. Fake news being spread on these platforms have a disruptive and damaging impact on our lives. Furthermore, as multimedia content improves the visibility of posts more than text data, it has been observed that often multimedia is being used for creating fake content. A plethora of previous multimodal-based work has tried to address the problem of modeling heterogeneous modalities in identifying fake content. However, these works have the following limitations: (1) inefficient encoding of inter-modal relations by utilizing a simple concatenation operator on the modalities at a later stage in a model, which might result in information loss; (2) training very deep neural networks with a disproportionate number of parameters on small but complex real-life multimodal datasets result in higher chances of overfitting. To address these limitations, we propose GAME-ON, a Graph Neural Network based end-to-end trainable framework that allows granular interactions within and across different modalities to learn more robust data representations for multimodal fake news detection. We use two publicly available fake news datasets, Twitter and Weibo, for evaluations. Our model outperforms on Twitter by an average of 11 competitive performance on Weibo, within a 2.6 parameters than the best comparable state-of-the-art baseline.


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