Geometric Mean Type of Proportional Reduction in Variation Measure for Two-Way Contingency Tables

by   Wataru Urasaki, et al.

In a two-way contingency table analysis with explanatory and response variables, the analyst is interested in the independence of the two variables. However, if the test of independence does not show independence or clearly shows a relationship, the analyst is interested in the degree of their association. Various measures have been proposed to calculate the degree of their association, one of which is the proportional reduction in variation (PRV) measure which describes the PRV from the marginal distribution to the conditional distribution of the response. The conventional PRV measures can assess the association of the entire contingency table, but they can not accurately assess the association for each explanatory variable. In this paper, we propose a geometric mean type of PRV (geoPRV) measure that aims to sensitively capture the association of each explanatory variable to the response variable by using a geometric mean, and it enables analysis without underestimation when there is partial bias in cells of the contingency table. Furthermore, the geoPRV measure is constructed by using any functions that satisfy specific conditions, which has application advantages and makes it possible to express conventional PRV measures as geometric mean types in special cases.


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