Good helper is around you: Attention-driven Masked Image Modeling

by   Zhengqi Liu, et al.

It has been witnessed that masked image modeling (MIM) has shown a huge potential in self-supervised learning in the past year. Benefiting from the universal backbone vision transformer, MIM learns self-supervised visual representations through masking a part of patches of the image while attempting to recover the missing pixels. Most previous works mask patches of the image randomly, which underutilizes the semantic information that is beneficial to visual representation learning. On the other hand, due to the large size of the backbone, most previous works have to spend much time on pre-training. In this paper, we propose Attention-driven Masking and Throwing Strategy (AMT), which could solve both problems above. We first leverage the self-attention mechanism to obtain the semantic information of the image during the training process automatically without using any supervised methods. Masking strategy can be guided by that information to mask areas selectively, which is helpful for representation learning. Moreover, a redundant patch throwing strategy is proposed, which makes learning more efficient. As a plug-and-play module for masked image modeling, AMT improves the linear probing accuracy of MAE by 2.9%∼ 5.9% on CIFAR-10/100, STL-10, Tiny ImageNet, and ImageNet-1K, and obtains an improved performance with respect to fine-tuning accuracy of MAE and SimMIM. Moreover, this design also achieves superior performance on downstream detection and segmentation tasks. Code is available at


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