Governance in Adaptive Normative Multiagent Systems for the Internet of Smart Things: Challenges and Future Directions

by   Marx Viana, et al.

The rapidly changing environments in which companies operate to support the Internet of Things (IoT) and Autonomous Vehicles is challenging traditional Multi agent System (MAS) approaches. The requirements of these highly dynamic environments gave rise to Adaptive Normative MAS approaches. At the same time, governance is an essential and challenging feature that still needs to be addressed in adaptive normative MAS. Indeed, governance of individual and societal agent behavior in Adaptive Normative MASs is still a vague concept that has not been properly investigated, modeled and implemented. However, governance is fundamental for solving problems involving MAS coordination, organizations and institutions. In this paper, we present our ongoing research towards understanding and improving governance in Adaptive Normative MASs. We also discuss challenges and future directions that will facilitate the development of domain specific smart IoT systems with governance features.


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