Graph Mining for Cybersecurity: A Survey

by   Bo Yan, et al.
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Sichuan University
University of Notre Dame

The explosive growth of cyber attacks nowadays, such as malware, spam, and intrusions, caused severe consequences on society. Securing cyberspace has become an utmost concern for organizations and governments. Traditional Machine Learning (ML) based methods are extensively used in detecting cyber threats, but they hardly model the correlations between real-world cyber entities. In recent years, with the proliferation of graph mining techniques, many researchers investigated these techniques for capturing correlations between cyber entities and achieving high performance. It is imperative to summarize existing graph-based cybersecurity solutions to provide a guide for future studies. Therefore, as a key contribution of this paper, we provide a comprehensive review of graph mining for cybersecurity, including an overview of cybersecurity tasks, the typical graph mining techniques, and the general process of applying them to cybersecurity, as well as various solutions for different cybersecurity tasks. For each task, we probe into relevant methods and highlight the graph types, graph approaches, and task levels in their modeling. Furthermore, we collect open datasets and toolkits for graph-based cybersecurity. Finally, we outlook the potential directions of this field for future research.


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