GraspCaps: Capsule Networks Are All You Need for Grasping Familiar Objects

by   Tomas van der Velde, et al.

As robots become more accessible outside of industrial settings, the need for reliable object grasping and manipulation grows significantly. In such dynamic environments it is expected that the robot is capable of reliably grasping and manipulating novel objects in different situations. In this work we present GraspCaps: a novel architecture based on Capsule Networks for generating per-point grasp configurations for familiar objects. In our work, the activation vector of each capsule in the deepest capsule layer corresponds to one specific class of object. This way, the network is able to extract a rich feature vector of the objects present in the point cloud input, which is then used for generating per-point grasp vectors. This approach should allow the network to learn specific grasping strategies for each of the different object categories. Along with GraspCaps we present a method for generating a large object grasping dataset using simulated annealing. The obtained dataset is then used to train the GraspCaps network. We performed an extensive set of experiments to assess the performance of the proposed approach regarding familiar object recognition accuracy and grasp success rate on challenging real and simulated scenarios.


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