HabitatDyn Dataset: Dynamic Object Detection to Kinematics Estimation

by   Zhengcheng Shen, et al.

The advancement of computer vision and machine learning has made datasets a crucial element for further research and applications. However, the creation and development of robots with advanced recognition capabilities are hindered by the lack of appropriate datasets. Existing image or video processing datasets are unable to accurately depict observations from a moving robot, and they do not contain the kinematics information necessary for robotic tasks. Synthetic data, on the other hand, are cost-effective to create and offer greater flexibility for adapting to various applications. Hence, they are widely utilized in both research and industry. In this paper, we propose the dataset HabitatDyn, which contains both synthetic RGB videos, semantic labels, and depth information, as well as kinetics information. HabitatDyn was created from the perspective of a mobile robot with a moving camera, and contains 30 scenes featuring six different types of moving objects with varying velocities. To demonstrate the usability of our dataset, two existing algorithms are used for evaluation and an approach to estimate the distance between the object and camera is implemented based on these segmentation methods and evaluated through the dataset. With the availability of this dataset, we aspire to foster further advancements in the field of mobile robotics, leading to more capable and intelligent robots that can navigate and interact with their environments more effectively. The code is publicly available at https://github.com/ignc-research/HabitatDyn.


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