Hierarchical Matching and Reasoning for Multi-Query Image Retrieval

by   Zhong Ji, et al.

As a promising field, Multi-Query Image Retrieval (MQIR) aims at searching for the semantically relevant image given multiple region-specific text queries. Existing works mainly focus on a single-level similarity between image regions and text queries, which neglects the hierarchical guidance of multi-level similarities and results in incomplete alignments. Besides, the high-level semantic correlations that intrinsically connect different region-query pairs are rarely considered. To address above limitations, we propose a novel Hierarchical Matching and Reasoning Network (HMRN) for MQIR. It disentangles MQIR into three hierarchical semantic representations, which is responsible to capture fine-grained local details, contextual global scopes, and high-level inherent correlations. HMRN comprises two modules: Scalar-based Matching (SM) module and Vector-based Reasoning (VR) module. Specifically, the SM module characterizes the multi-level alignment similarity, which consists of a fine-grained local-level similarity and a context-aware global-level similarity. Afterwards, the VR module is developed to excavate the potential semantic correlations among multiple region-query pairs, which further explores the high-level reasoning similarity. Finally, these three-level similarities are aggregated into a joint similarity space to form the ultimate similarity. Extensive experiments on the benchmark dataset demonstrate that our HMRN substantially surpasses the current state-of-the-art methods. For instance, compared with the existing best method Drill-down, the metric R@1 in the last round is improved by 23.4 https://github.com/LZH-053/HMRN.


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