Holo-Block Chain: A Hybrid Approach for Secured IoT Healthcare Ecosystem

by   Asad Aftab, et al.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is an imminent and corporal technology that enables the connectivity of smart physical devices with virtual objects contriving in distinct platforms with the help of the internet. The IoT is under massive experimentation to operate in a distributed manner, making it favourable to be utilized in the healthcare ecosystem. However, un- der the IoT healthcare ecosystem (IoT-HS), the nodes of the IoT networks are unveiled to an aberrant level of security threats. Regulating an adequate volume of sensitive and personal data, IoT-HS undergoes various security challenges for which a distributed mechanism to address such concerns plays a vital role. Although Blockchain, having a distributed ledger, is integral to solving security concerns in IoT-HSs, it undergoes major problems, including massive storage and computational requirements. Also, Holochain, which has low computational and memory requirements, lacks authentication distribution availability. Therefore, this paper proposes a hybrid Holochain and Blockchain-based privacy perseverance and security framework for IoT-HSs that combines the benefits Holochain and Blockchain provide, overcoming the computational, memory, and authentication challenges. This framework is more suited for IoT scenarios where resource needs to be optimally utilized. Comprehensive security and performance analysis is conducted to demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of the proposed hybrid security approach for IoT-HSs in contrast to the Blockchain-only or Holochain-only based approaches.


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