Hyperparameter Optimization with Neural Network Pruning

by   Kangil Lee, et al.

Since the deep learning model is highly dependent on hyperparameters, hyperparameter optimization is essential in developing deep learning model-based applications, even if it takes a long time. As service development using deep learning models has gradually become competitive, many developers highly demand rapid hyperparameter optimization algorithms. In order to keep pace with the needs of faster hyperparameter optimization algorithms, researchers are focusing on improving the speed of hyperparameter optimization algorithm. However, the huge time consumption of hyperparameter optimization due to the high computational cost of the deep learning model itself has not been dealt with in-depth. Like using surrogate model in Bayesian optimization, to solve this problem, it is necessary to consider proxy model for a neural network (N_B) to be used for hyperparameter optimization. Inspired by the main goal of neural network pruning, i.e., high computational cost reduction and performance preservation, we presumed that the neural network (N_P) obtained through neural network pruning would be a good proxy model of N_B. In order to verify our idea, we performed extensive experiments by using CIFAR10, CFIAR100, and TinyImageNet datasets and three generally-used neural networks and three representative hyperparameter optmization methods. Through these experiments, we verified that N_P can be a good proxy model of N_B for rapid hyperparameter optimization. The proposed hyperparameter optimization framework can reduce the amount of time up to 37


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