IDEAL: Toward High-efficiency Device-Cloud Collaborative and Dynamic Recommendation System

by   Zheqi Lv, et al.

Recommendation systems have shown great potential to solve the information explosion problem and enhance user experience in various online applications, which recently present two emerging trends: (i) Collaboration: single-sided model trained on-cloud (separate learning) to the device-cloud collaborative recommendation (collaborative learning). (ii) Real-time Dynamic: the network parameters are the same across all the instances (static model) to adaptive network parameters generation conditioned on the real-time instances (dynamic model). The aforementioned two trends enable the device-cloud collaborative and dynamic recommendation, which deeply exploits the recommendation pattern among cloud-device data and efficiently characterizes different instances with different underlying distributions based on the cost of frequent device-cloud communication. Despite promising, we argue that most of the communications are unnecessary to request the new parameters of the recommendation system on the cloud since the on-device data distribution are not always changing. To alleviate this issue, we designed a Intelligent DEvice-Cloud PArameter Request ModeL (IDEAL) that can be deployed on the device to calculate the request revenue with low resource consumption, so as to ensure the adaptive device-cloud communication with high revenue. We envision a new device intelligence learning task to implement IDEAL by detecting the data out-of-domain. Moreover, we map the user's real-time behavior to a normal distribution, the uncertainty is calculated by the multi-sampling outputs to measure the generalization ability of the device model to the current user behavior. Our experimental study demonstrates IDEAL's effectiveness and generalizability on four public benchmarks, which yield a higher efficient device-cloud collaborative and dynamic recommendation paradigm.


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