Implementation of Robust Face Recognition System Using Live Video Feed Based on CNN

by   Yang Li, et al.

The way to accurately and effectively identify people has always been an interesting topic in research and industry. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years, facial recognition gains lots of attention due to prompting the development of emerging identification methods. Compared to traditional card recognition, fingerprint recognition and iris recognition, face recognition has many advantages including non-contact interface, high concurrency, and user-friendly usage. It has high potential to be used in government, public facilities, security, e-commerce, retailing, education and many other fields. With the development of deep learning and the introduction of deep convolutional neural networks, the accuracy and speed of face recognition have made great strides. However, the results from different networks and models are very different with different system architecture. Furthermore, it could take significant amount of data storage space and data processing time for the face recognition system with video feed, if the system stores images and features of human faces. In this paper, facial features are extracted by merging and comparing multiple models, and then a deep neural network is constructed to train and construct the combined features. In this way, the advantages of multiple models can be combined to mention the recognition accuracy. After getting a model with high accuracy, we build a product model. The model will take a human face image and extract it into a vector. Then the distance between vectors are compared to determine if two faces on different picture belongs to the same person. The proposed approach reduces data storage space and data processing time for the face recognition system with video feed scientifically with our proposed system architecture.


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