Improving Medical Image Classification with Label Noise Using Dual-uncertainty Estimation

by   Lie Ju, et al.

Deep neural networks are known to be data-driven and label noise can have a marked impact on model performance. Recent studies have shown great robustness to classic image recognition even under a high noisy rate. In medical applications, learning from datasets with label noise is more challenging since medical imaging datasets tend to have asymmetric (class-dependent) noise and suffer from high observer variability. In this paper, we systematically discuss and define the two common types of label noise in medical images - disagreement label noise from inconsistency expert opinions and single-target label noise from wrong diagnosis record. We then propose an uncertainty estimation-based framework to handle these two label noise amid the medical image classification task. We design a dual-uncertainty estimation approach to measure the disagreement label noise and single-target label noise via Direct Uncertainty Prediction and Monte-Carlo-Dropout. A boosting-based curriculum training procedure is later introduced for robust learning. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by conducting extensive experiments on three different diseases: skin lesions, prostate cancer, and retinal diseases. We also release a large re-engineered database that consists of annotations from more than ten ophthalmologists with an unbiased golden standard dataset for evaluation and benchmarking.


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