Intelligent Grimm – Open-ended Visual Storytelling via Latent Diffusion Models

by   Chang Liu, et al.

Generative models have recently exhibited exceptional capabilities in various scenarios, for example, image generation based on text description. In this work, we focus on the task of generating a series of coherent image sequence based on a given storyline, denoted as open-ended visual storytelling. We make the following three contributions: (i) to fulfill the task of visual storytelling, we introduce two modules into a pre-trained stable diffusion model, and construct an auto-regressive image generator, termed as StoryGen, that enables to generate the current frame by conditioning on both a text prompt and a preceding frame; (ii) to train our proposed model, we collect paired image and text samples by sourcing from various online sources, such as videos, E-books, and establish a data processing pipeline for constructing a diverse dataset, named StorySalon, with a far larger vocabulary than existing animation-specific datasets; (iii) we adopt a three-stage curriculum training strategy, that enables style transfer, visual context conditioning, and human feedback alignment, respectively. Quantitative experiments and human evaluation have validated the superiority of our proposed model, in terms of image quality, style consistency, content consistency, and visual-language alignment. We will make the code, model, and dataset publicly available to the research community.


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