Interactive Process Improvement using Simulation of Enriched Process Trees

by   Mahsa Pourbafrani, et al.

Event data provide the main source of information for analyzing and improving processes in organizations. Process mining techniques capture the state of running processes w.r.t. various aspects, such as activity-flow and performance metrics. The next step for process owners is to take the provided insights and turn them into actions in order to improve their processes. These actions may be taken in different aspects of a process. However, simply being aware of the process aspects that need to be improved as well as potential actions is insufficient. The key step in between is to assess the outcomes of the decisions and improvements. In this paper, we propose a framework to systematically compare event data and the simulated event data of organizations, as well as comparing the results of modified processes in different settings. The proposed framework could be provided as an analytic service to enable organizations in easily accessing event data analytics. The framework is supported with a simulation tool that enables applying changes to the processes and re-running the process in various scenarios. The simulation step includes different perspectives of a process that can be captured automatically and modified by the user. Then, we apply a state-of-the-art comparison approach for processes using their event data which visually reflects the effects of these changes in the process, i.e., evaluating the process improvement. Our framework also includes the implementation of the change measurement module as a tool.


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