ITLingo Research Initiative in 2022

Several surveys and studies have noticed that cost, and quality problems result from mistakes that occurred in the early phases of the projects, for instance: poor definition of the project vision and respective value for the organization; misalignment between IT and business resources; failures in project management practices; or poor and low-quality technical documentation. These facts have emphasized the need for improving socio-technical disciplines such as project management, enterprise architecture, requirements engineering, or system design. These studies also noted the need to reduce the efforts involved in traditional development processes, for example, by automating some human-intensive and error-prone tasks. This article presents the scientific project we have conducted in these last years named "ITLingo". ITLingo is a research initiative that has proposed new languages, tools, and techniques to support users to improve such practices, mainly related to those disciplines. ITLingo users are IT engineers and managers in multiple roles like project managers, enterprise architects, business analysts, system architects, requirements engineers, or even system developers. The article describes the innovative nature of the activities carried out under the ITLingo umbrella and identifies future and open challenges.


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