Joint Multimodal Entity-Relation Extraction Based on Edge-enhanced Graph Alignment Network and Word-pair Relation Tagging

by   Li Yuan, et al.

Multimodal named entity recognition (MNER) and multimodal relation extraction (MRE) are two fundamental subtasks in the multimodal knowledge graph construction task. However, the existing methods usually handle two tasks independently, which ignores the bidirectional interaction between them. This paper is the first to propose jointly performing MNER and MRE as a joint multimodal entity-relation extraction task (JMERE). Besides, the current MNER and MRE models only consider aligning the visual objects with textual entities in visual and textual graphs but ignore the entity-entity relationships and object-object relationships. To address the above challenges, we propose an edge-enhanced graph alignment network and a word-pair relation tagging (EEGA) for JMERE task. Specifically, we first design a word-pair relation tagging to exploit the bidirectional interaction between MNER and MRE and avoid the error propagation. Then, we propose an edge-enhanced graph alignment network to enhance the JMERE task by aligning nodes and edges in the cross-graph. Compared with previous methods, the proposed method can leverage the edge information to auxiliary alignment between objects and entities and find the correlations between entity-entity relationships and object-object relationships. Experiments are conducted to show the effectiveness of our model.


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