LiDAR Cluster First and Camera Inference Later: A New Perspective Towards Autonomous Driving

by   Jiyang Chen, et al.

Object detection in state-of-the-art Autonomous Vehicles (AV) framework relies heavily on deep neural networks. Typically, these networks perform object detection uniformly on the entire camera LiDAR frames. However, this uniformity jeopardizes the safety of the AV by giving the same priority to all objects in the scenes regardless of their risk of collision to the AV. In this paper, we present a new end-to-end pipeline for AV that introduces the concept of LiDAR cluster first and camera inference later to detect and classify objects. The benefits of our proposed framework are twofold. First, our pipeline prioritizes detecting objects that pose a higher risk of collision to the AV, giving more time for the AV to react to unsafe conditions. Second, it also provides, on average, faster inference speeds compared to popular deep neural network pipelines. We design our framework using the real-world datasets, the Waymo Open Dataset, solving challenges arising from the limitations of LiDAR sensors and object detection algorithms. We show that our novel object detection pipeline prioritizes the detection of higher risk objects while simultaneously achieving comparable accuracy and a 25 average speed compared to camera inference only.


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