Locality-Sensitive Sketching for Resilient Network Flow Monitoring

by   Yongquan Fu, et al.

Network monitoring is vital in modern clouds and data center networks for traffic engineering, network diagnosis, network intrusion detection, which need diverse traffic statistics ranging from flow size distributions to heavy hitters. To cope with increasing network rates and massive traffic volumes, sketch based approximate measurement has been extensively studied to trade the accuracy for memory and computation cost, which unfortunately, is sensitive to hash collisions. In addition, deploying the sketch involves fine-grained performance control and instrumentation. This paper presents a locality-sensitive sketch (LSS) to be resilient to hash collisions. LSS proactively minimizes the estimation error due to hash collisions with an autoencoder based optimization model, and reduces the estimation variance by keeping similar network flows to the same bucket array. To illustrate the feasibility of the sketch, we develop a disaggregated monitoring application that supports non-intrusive sketching deployment and native network-wide analysis. Testbed shows that the framework adapts to line rates and provides accurate query results. Real-world trace-driven simulations show that LSS remains stable performance under wide ranges of parameters and dramatically outperforms state-of-the-art sketching structures, with over 10^3 to 10^5 times reduction in relative errors for per-flow queries as the ratio of the number of buckets to the number of network flows reduces from 10% to 0.1%.


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