LOF: Structure-Aware Line Tracking based on Optical Flow

by   Meixiang Quan, et al.

Lines provide the significantly richer geometric structural information about the environment than points, so lines are widely used in recent Visual Odometry (VO) works. Since VO with lines use line tracking results to locate and map, line tracking is a crucial component in VO. Although the state-of-the-art line tracking methods have made great progress, they are still heavily dependent on line detection or the predicted line segments. In order to relieve the dependencies described above to track line segments completely, accurately, and robustly at higher computational efficiency, we propose a structure-aware Line tracking algorithm based entirely on Optical Flow (LOF). Firstly, we propose a gradient-based strategy to sample pixels on lines that are suitable for line optical flow calculation. Then, in order to align the lines by fully using the structural relationship between the sampled points on it and effectively removing the influence of sampled points on it occluded by other objects, we propose a two-step structure-aware line segment alignment method. Furthermore, we propose a line refinement method to refine the orientation, position, and endpoints of the aligned line segments. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that the proposed LOF outperforms the state-of-the-art performance in line tracking accuracy, robustness, and efficiency, which also improves the location accuracy and robustness of VO system with lines.


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