Low-shot Object Detection via Classification Refinement

by   Yiting Li, et al.

This work aims to address the problem of low-shot object detection, where only a few training samples are available for each category. Regarding the fact that conventional fully supervised approaches usually suffer huge performance drop with rare classes where data is insufficient, our study reveals that there exists more serious misalignment between classification confidence and localization accuracy on rarely labeled categories, and the prone to overfitting class-specific parameters is the crucial cause of this issue. In this paper, we propose a novel low-shot classification correction network (LSCN) which can be adopted into any anchor-based detector to directly enhance the detection accuracy on data-rare categories, without sacrificing the performance on base categories. Specially, we sample false positive proposals from a base detector to train a separate classification correction network. During inference, the well-trained correction network removes false positives from the base detector. The proposed correction network is data-efficient yet highly effective with four carefully designed components, which are Unified recognition, Global receptive field, Inter-class separation, and Confidence calibration. Experiments show our proposed method can bring significant performance gains to rarely labeled categories and outperforms previous work on COCO and PASCAL VOC by a large margin.


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