mPLUG-DocOwl: Modularized Multimodal Large Language Model for Document Understanding

by   Jiabo Ye, et al.

Document understanding refers to automatically extract, analyze and comprehend information from various types of digital documents, such as a web page. Existing Multi-model Large Language Models (MLLMs), including mPLUG-Owl, have demonstrated promising zero-shot capabilities in shallow OCR-free text recognition, indicating their potential for OCR-free document understanding. Nevertheless, without in-domain training, these models tend to ignore fine-grained OCR features, such as sophisticated tables or large blocks of text, which are essential for OCR-free document understanding. In this paper, we propose mPLUG-DocOwl based on mPLUG-Owl for OCR-free document understanding. Specifically, we first construct a instruction tuning dataset featuring a wide range of visual-text understanding tasks. Then, we strengthen the OCR-free document understanding ability by jointly train the model on language-only, general vision-and-language, and document instruction tuning dataset with our unified instruction tuning strategy. We also build an OCR-free document instruction understanding evaluation set LLMDoc to better compare models' capabilities on instruct compliance and document understanding. Experimental results show that our model outperforms existing multi-modal models, demonstrating its strong ability of document understanding. Besides, without specific fine-tuning, mPLUG-DocOwl generalizes well on various downstream tasks. Our code, models, training data and evaluation set are available at


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