Mr-moslo: vm consolidation using multiple regression multi-objective seven-spot ladybird optimization for host overload detection

Virtual Machine (VM)consolidation is a crucial process in improving the utilization of the resource in cloud computing services.As the cloud data centers consume high electrical power,the operational costs and carbon dioxide releases increases.The inefficient usage of the resources is the main reason for these problems and VM consolidation is a viable solution.VM consolidation includes host overload/under-load detection,VM selection and VM placement processes.Most existing host overload/under-load detection approaches of VM consolidation uses CPU utilization only for the determining host load.In this paper,three resources namely CPU utilization,memory utilization and bandwidth utilization are used for host overload detection and an adaptive regression based model called Multiple Regression Multi-Objective Seven-Spot Ladybird Optimization(MR-MOSLO) is proposed.This model is based on combining the benefits of adaptive threshold based and regression based host overload detection algorithms.This approach of combining these features provide more advantages for threshold setting in dynamic environments with accurate prediction of host overloading.For this purpose, initially,Multiple Regression (MR)algorithm is used which relay on CPU utilization,memory utilization and bandwidth utilization for estimation of the host load conditions.Then a Multi-Objective Seven-Spot Ladybird Optimization(MOSLO)algorithm is introduced to select the upper and lower threshold limits for host utilization.Based on these algorithms,the host overload/under-load is detected with high accuracy and less power consumption.The simulations are conducted in CloudSim tool and the empirical results shows that the proposed MR-MOSLO algorithm detects the host overload efficiently with reasonably similar energy and SLA values while comparatively lesser SLATAH,PDM,SLAV and ESV values than most of the existing methods.


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