Multi-factor Sequential Re-ranking with Perception-Aware Diversification

by   Yue Xu, et al.

Feed recommendation systems, which recommend a sequence of items for users to browse and interact with, have gained significant popularity in practical applications. In feed products, users tend to browse a large number of items in succession, so the previously viewed items have a significant impact on users' behavior towards the following items. Therefore, traditional methods that mainly focus on improving the accuracy of recommended items are suboptimal for feed recommendations because they may recommend highly similar items. For feed recommendation, it is crucial to consider both the accuracy and diversity of the recommended item sequences in order to satisfy users' evolving interest when consecutively viewing items. To this end, this work proposes a general re-ranking framework named Multi-factor Sequential Re-ranking with Perception-Aware Diversification (MPAD) to jointly optimize accuracy and diversity for feed recommendation in a sequential manner. Specifically, MPAD first extracts users' different scales of interests from their behavior sequences through graph clustering-based aggregations. Then, MPAD proposes two sub-models to respectively evaluate the accuracy and diversity of a given item by capturing users' evolving interest due to the ever-changing context and users' personal perception of diversity from an item sequence perspective. This is consistent with the browsing nature of the feed scenario. Finally, MPAD generates the return list by sequentially selecting optimal items from the candidate set to maximize the joint benefits of accuracy and diversity of the entire list. MPAD has been implemented in Taobao's homepage feed to serve the main traffic and provide services to recommend billions of items to hundreds of millions of users every day.


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