Multi Resolution LSTM For Long Term Prediction In Neural Activity Video

by   Yilin Song, et al.

Epileptic seizures are caused by abnormal, overly syn- chronized, electrical activity in the brain. The abnor- mal electrical activity manifests as waves, propagating across the brain. Accurate prediction of the propagation velocity and direction of these waves could enable real- time responsive brain stimulation to suppress or prevent the seizures entirely. However, this problem is very chal- lenging because the algorithm must be able to predict the neural signals in a sufficiently long time horizon to allow enough time for medical intervention. We consider how to accomplish long term prediction using a LSTM network. To alleviate the vanishing gradient problem, we propose two encoder-decoder-predictor structures, both using multi-resolution representation. The novel LSTM structure with multi-resolution layers could significantly outperform the single-resolution benchmark with similar number of parameters. To overcome the blurring effect associated with video prediction in the pixel domain using standard mean square error (MSE) loss, we use energy- based adversarial training to improve the long-term pre- diction. We demonstrate and analyze how a discriminative model with an encoder-decoder structure using 3D CNN model improves long term prediction.


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