Multi-trends Enhanced Dynamic Micro-video Recommendation

by   Yujie Lu, et al.
Zhejiang University
The University of Hong Kong
The Regents of the University of California

The explosively generated micro-videos on content sharing platforms call for recommender systems to permit personalized micro-video discovery with ease. Recent advances in micro-video recommendation have achieved remarkable performance in mining users' current preference based on historical behaviors. However, most of them neglect the dynamic and time-evolving nature of users' preference, and the prediction on future micro-videos with historically mined preference may deteriorate the effectiveness of recommender systems. In this paper, we propose the DMR framework to explicitly model dynamic multi-trends of users' current preference and make predictions based on both the history and future potential trends. We devise the DMR framework, which comprises: 1) the implicit user network module which identifies sequence fragments from other users with similar interests and extracts the sequence fragments that are chronologically behind the identified fragments; 2) the multi-trend routing module which assigns each extracted sequence fragment into a trend group and update the corresponding trend vector; 3) the history-future trend prediction module jointly uses the history preference vectors and future trend vectors to yield the final click-through-rate. We validate the effectiveness of DMR over multiple state-of-the-art micro-video recommenders on two publicly available real-world datasets. Relatively extensive analysis further demonstrate the superiority of modeling dynamic multi-trend for micro-video recommendation.


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