MultiSChuBERT: Effective Multimodal Fusion for Scholarly Document Quality Prediction

Automatic assessment of the quality of scholarly documents is a difficult task with high potential impact. Multimodality, in particular the addition of visual information next to text, has been shown to improve the performance on scholarly document quality prediction (SDQP) tasks. We propose the multimodal predictive model MultiSChuBERT. It combines a textual model based on chunking full paper text and aggregating computed BERT chunk-encodings (SChuBERT), with a visual model based on Inception V3.Our work contributes to the current state-of-the-art in SDQP in three ways. First, we show that the method of combining visual and textual embeddings can substantially influence the results. Second, we demonstrate that gradual-unfreezing of the weights of the visual sub-model, reduces its tendency to ovefit the data, improving results. Third, we show the retained benefit of multimodality when replacing standard BERT_BASE embeddings with more recent state-of-the-art text embedding models. Using BERT_BASE embeddings, on the (log) number of citations prediction task with the ACL-BiblioMetry dataset, our MultiSChuBERT (text+visual) model obtains an R^2 score of 0.454 compared to 0.432 for the SChuBERT (text only) model. Similar improvements are obtained on the PeerRead accept/reject prediction task. In our experiments using SciBERT, scincl, SPECTER and SPECTER2.0 embeddings, we show that each of these tailored embeddings adds further improvements over the standard BERT_BASE embeddings, with the SPECTER2.0 embeddings performing best.


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