Neighbor Enhanced Graph Convolutional Networks for Node Classification and Recommendation

by   Hao Chen, et al.

The recently proposed Graph Convolutional Networks (GCNs) have achieved significantly superior performance on various graph-related tasks, such as node classification and recommendation. However, currently researches on GCN models usually recursively aggregate the information from all the neighbors or randomly sampled neighbor subsets, without explicitly identifying whether the aggregated neighbors provide useful information during the graph convolution. In this paper, we theoretically analyze the affection of the neighbor quality over GCN models' performance and propose the Neighbor Enhanced Graph Convolutional Network (NEGCN) framework to boost the performance of existing GCN models. Our contribution is three-fold. First, we at the first time propose the concept of neighbor quality for both node classification and recommendation tasks in a general theoretical framework. Specifically, for node classification, we propose three propositions to theoretically analyze how the neighbor quality affects the node classification performance of GCN models. Second, based on the three proposed propositions, we introduce the graph refinement process including specially designed neighbor evaluation methods to increase the neighbor quality so as to boost both the node classification and recommendation tasks. Third, we conduct extensive node classification and recommendation experiments on several benchmark datasets. The experimental results verify that our proposed NEGCN framework can significantly enhance the performance for various typical GCN models on both node classification and recommendation tasks.


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