News Session-Based Recommendations using Deep Neural Networks

News recommender systems are aimed to personalize users experiences and help them to discover relevant articles from a large and dynamic search space. Therefore, news domain is a challenging scenario for recommendations, due to its sparse user profiling, fast growing number of items, accelerated item's value decay, and users preferences dynamic shift. Some promising results have been recently achieved by the usage of Deep Learning techniques on Recommender Systems, specially for item's feature extraction and for session-based recommendations with Recurrent Neural Networks. In this paper, its presented a Deep Learning architecture for Session-Based recommendations of News articles. This architecture is composed of two modules, the first responsible to learn news articles representations, based on their text and metadata, and the second module aimed to provide session-based recommendations using Recurrent Neural Networks. The recommendation task addressed in this work is next-item prediction for user sessions: "what is the next most likely article a user might read in a session?" User session context is leveraged by the architecture to provide additional information in such extreme cold-start scenario of news recommendation. Users' behavior and item features are both merged in an hybrid recommendation approach. A temporal offline evaluation method is also proposed as a complementary contribution, for a more realistic evaluation of such task, considering dynamic factors that affect global readership interests like popularity, recency, and seasonality.


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