Optimal Algorithm Allocation for Single Robot Cloud Systems

by   Saeid Alirezazadeh, et al.

In order for a robot to perform a task, several algorithms need to be executed, sometimes, simultaneously. Algorithms can be run either on the robot itself or, upon request, be performed on cloud infrastructure. The term cloud infrastructure is used to describe hardware, storage, abstracted resources, and network resources related to cloud computing. Depending on the decisions on where to execute the algorithms, the overall execution time and necessary memory space for the robot will change accordingly. Also, according to the set of tasks that the robot needs to perform, some constraints on algorithm allocation must be considered. The price of a robot depends, among other things, on its memory capacity and computational power. We answer the question of how to keep a given performance and use a cheaper robot (lower resources) by assigning computational tasks to the cloud infrastructure, depending on memory, computational power, and communication constraints. Also, for a fixed robot, our model provides a way to have optimal overall performance. We provide a general model for the optimal decision of algorithm allocation under certain constraints. We exemplify the model with simulation results. The main advantage of our model is that it provides an optimal task allocation simultaneously for the two parameters of memory and time.


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