Optimization of Transfer Learning for Sign Language Recognition Targeting Mobile Platform

by   Dhruv Rathi, et al.

The target of this research is to experiment, iterate and recommend a system that is successful in recognition of American Sign Language (ASL). It is a challenging as well as an interesting problem that if solved will bring a leap in social and technological aspects alike. In this paper, we propose a real-time recognizer of ASL based on a mobile platform, so that it will have more accessibility and provides an ease of use. The technique implemented is Transfer Learning of new data of Hand gestures for alphabets in ASL to be modelled on various pre-trained high- end models and optimize the best model to run on a mobile platform considering the various limitations of the same during optimization. The data used consists of 27,455 images of 24 alphabets of ASL. The optimized model when ran over a memory-efficient mobile application, provides an accuracy of 95.03 recognition time of 2.42 seconds. This method ensures considerable discrimination in accuracy and recognition time than the previous research.


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