PerfDetectiveAI – Performance Gap Analysis and Recommendation in Software Applications

by   Vivek Basavegowda Ramu, et al.

PerfDetectiveAI, a conceptual framework for performance gap analysis and suggestion in software applications is introduced in this research. For software developers, retaining a competitive edge and providing exceptional user experiences depend on maximizing application speed. But investigating cutting-edge approaches is necessary due to the complexity involved in determining performance gaps and creating efficient improvement tactics. Modern machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are used in PerfDetectiveAI to monitor performance measurements and identify areas of underperformance in software applications. With the help of the framework, software developers and performance engineers should be able to enhance application performance and raise system productivity. It does this by utilizing sophisticated algorithms and utilizing sophisticated data analysis methodologies. Drawing on theoretical foundations from the fields of AI, ML and software engineering, PerfDetectiveAI envisions a sophisticated system capable of uncovering subtle performance discrepancies and identifying potential bottlenecks. PerfDetectiveAI aims to provide practitioners with data-driven recommendations to guide their decision-making processes by integrating advanced algorithms, statistical modelling, and predictive analytics. While PerfDetectiveAI is currently at the conceptual stage, this paper outlines the framework's fundamental principles, underlying methodologies and envisioned workflow. We want to encourage more research and development in the area of AI-driven performance optimization by introducing this conceptual framework, setting the foundation for the next developments in the quest for software excellence.


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