PerfSim: A Performance Simulator for Cloud Native Computing

by   Michel Gokan Khan, et al.

Cloud native computing paradigm allows microservice-based applications to take advantage of cloud infrastructure in a scalable, reusable, and interoperable way. However, in a cloud native system, the vast number of configuration parameters and highly granular resource allocation policies can significantly impact the performance and deployment cost of such applications. For understanding and analyzing these implications in an easy, quick, and cost-effective way, we present PerfSim, a discrete-event simulator for approximating and predicting the performance of cloud native service chains in user-defined scenarios. To this end, we proposed a systematic approach for modeling the performance of microservices endpoint functions by collecting and analyzing their performance and network traces. With a combination of the extracted models and user-defined scenarios, PerfSim can simulate the performance behavior of service chains over a given period and provides an approximation for system KPIs, such as requests' average response time. Using the processing power of a single laptop, we evaluated both simulation accuracy and speed of PerfSim in 104 prevalent scenarios and compared the simulation results with the identical deployment in a real Kubernetes cluster. We achieved  81-99 incoming requests and  16-1200 times speed-up factor for the simulation.


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