Pointing task on smart glasses: Comparison of four interaction techniques

by   Ilyasse Belkacem, et al.

Mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches or smart glasses have revolutionized how we interact. We are interested in smart glasses because they have the advantage of providing a simultaneous view of both physical and digital worlds. Despite this potential, pointing task on smart glasses is not really widespread. In this paper, we compared four interaction techniques for selecting targets : (a) the Absolute Head Movement and (b) the Relative Head Movement, where head movement controls the cursor on smart glasses in absolute or relative way, (c) the Absolute Free Hand interaction, where the forefinger control the cursor and (d) the Tactile Surface interaction, where the user controls the cursor via a small touchpad connected to smart glasses. We conducted an experiment with 18 participants. The Tactile Surface and Absolute Head Movement were the most efficient. The Relative Head Movement and Absolute Free Hand interactions were promising and require more exploration for other tasks.


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