Progressive Multi-task Learning Framework for Chinese Text Error Correction

by   Shirong Ma, et al.
Tsinghua University

Chinese Text Error Correction (CTEC) aims to detect and correct errors in the input text, which benefits human's daily life and various downstream tasks. Recent approaches mainly employ Pre-trained Language Models (PLMs) to resolve CTEC task and achieve tremendous success. However, previous approaches suffer from issues of over-correction and under-correction, and the former is especially conspicuous in the precision-critical CTEC task. To mitigate the issue of overcorrection, we propose a novel model-agnostic progressive multitask learning framework for CTEC, named ProTEC, which guides a CTEC model to learn the task from easy to difficult. We divide CTEC task into three sub-tasks from easy to difficult: Error Detection, Error Type Identification, and Correction Result Generation. During the training process, ProTEC guides the model to learn text error correction progressively by incorporating these sub-tasks into a multi-task training objective. During the inference process, the model completes these sub-tasks in turn to generate the correction results. Extensive experiments and detailed analyses fully demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed framework.


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